Give your loved ones the joy and peace of knowing their afterlife is well taken care of

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Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore

The most beautiful and peaceful resting place for your afterlife.

Death is the one inevitability that we must all face. But yet, it is something that few prepare for.

And so when that time comes, what usually happens?

  • We regret not having discussed with our loved ones what their preferences are.

  • We regret being forced into settling for a solution.

  • We regret overpaying because we didn’t have the time to do our price comparison.

Jingle Lee

Life Managing Directors

[My calling to the bereavement career]

My grandfather is a very good planner in his life. He always planned well for himself, his wife and all his children even for all his grand children. That's included myself. 

He encountered 4th stage cancer years ago. He is very optimistic and he prepared for his funeral photo. It's really a very hard time for all of us.

Weeks later after the photo session. My grandfather left us. All of us in the family love our grandfather so much. All of us definitely will have different opinions to give the best funeral ceremony to him.

I do believe if Ipoh, Malaysia has advance pre-planning services. My grandfather will do planned well for his own funeral and to avoid argument within the family to arrange for his last journey of life.

Because with this experienced inspired me to join in the bereavement care career so I can help more peoples to plan well for their after-life.

I believe it's all about Love and Care.

Stephen Wong

Life Managing Directors

[Choosing a career in the bereavement industry]

Ever since I was little, my mother had often refused to let me attend the annual Tomb Sweeping Festivals due to her superstitions, or "pantang" attitude. I was also rarely allowed to attend funerals, for fear that I would be associated with negative energy.

When I was 18 yrs old, my mother finally allowed me to choose whether I wanted to attend future Tomb Sweeping Festivals. That was the first time that I visited my ancestors' graves. At my first tomb sweeping, I was conflicted and could not understand my mother's "pantang" attitude, since it did not seem as terrifying as she had made it out to be. As I grew older, my wife and I subsequently joined the funeral industry. 

While learning how to handle funeral processes and processions, I did not associate many feelings with my work as I knew that my job was to ensure that the deceased and their family would have a peaceful ceremony. 


As I progressed further into my line of work, I have gained greater insights as to the nuances and the complex, sensitive emotions entangled with the job that I do. My eyes were opened to the many strong-willed individuals who had to ensure that the funeral was running smoothly in this time of devastation. I grew to understand that our job was not only to set up the funeral wake itself, but to accompany and assist these families to complete their rites and rituals in such a trying hour. By preserving and upholding traditional practices, I quickly understood that decades of Chinese traditions and etiquette are passed down from families to families.

As now I know that my mother's "pantang" attitude was borne out of love. However, I also understand that there is nothing inherently terrifying in the preparation of a loved one's funeral ceremony. Through such trying times, it is the love from the living that binds that past and future generations.

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Understanding bereavement


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