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Suite 60 is also known as 迎愿阁。迎 means Welcome. 愿 is from the word 愿望, which means Wish. Suite 60 is a room where our loved ones will bless everyone to make all their wishes come true.


Care has also been put into the design and decor of Suite 60. The room is designed in the Royal colour combination of Yellow and White. White represents safety, purity, and cleanliness while yellow stands for enlightenment, remembrance, and joy.

On the door of every single niche in Suite 60 comes with a Amitabha portrait. This is to signify that Buddha will always be with the deceased to provide blessings for their family members.

Suite 60 is designed with the utmost comfort of the family members in mind. The suite is fully air-conditioned, fully carpeted and there's even Wi-Fi provided. The cosy ambience of the suite provides a conducive atmosphere for loved ones to come and spend time with the departed. At all times, you'll hear calming prayer chants when you are in Suite 60. This is to promote a peaceful environment for everyone.


The purchase of any niche in Suite 60 also includes free 安 灵 An Ling service. Our free An Ling service (worth $1,888) is provided in a special An Ling room for the deceased's spirit for the first 49 days after cremation. Each day during this period, the spirit will be served with tea and a vegetarian meal for breakfast and lunch. Incense will also be offered for the deceased's spirit. Also included in the An Ling service is a 拆灵 service at the end of the 49 days. Please note, the 拆灵 service does not include the optional chanting service which costs an additional $168.


If you are looking for a Niche for yourself or your loved ones, choose Suite 60. It has the longest lease until 2098 and it is the most affordable future home in a 6-star columbarium, Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore. Suite 60 offers a comfortable environment that's suitable for both the young and the old to spend time together in memory of the deceased.

Suite 60 at Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is your most ideal choice for a columbarium niche!

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