Always troubled when it comes to Qing Ming Festival?

Where to get transport to bring all the items back?

What kind of items should I get that is correct? 

We are here to help you! 

We are here to give you the easiest solution! 

We provide complete packages with all the standard items that you need for 'Qing Ming'!

1) Sent to your house services
2) All-In-One Packing
3)  Hassle-Free Solution

Prosperity Offering Package


worth SGD$98

Prosperity Offering Package list of item

* 1x rice 

* 1x 'huat kueh'

* Vegetarian Offering, 6 types of vegetarian 

Fruits, 3 types of fruits (each 4 pcs)

* 1x pair of lotus candle

* 1x pack of Incense

* Joss Paper(gold & silver)

* 'Wang Sheng Qian'

* Hell Bank Note

* Gold & Silver Bar

* 'Guo Lu Qian'

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